Dear Glen:

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did installing a new high efficiency furnace in our home in December of 2010.

Since we got the furnace I have noticed that our heat bills have been unexpectedly lower than I anticipated. You told me this would happen but I was not sure how much. Well, I just had time to compare one full year of "new" heating bills with one full year of "old" heating bills. I could not do this last year as the new furnace was put in during the heating season.

For the record, you installed an American Standard High Efficiency furnace, model #AUH2B080A9V3A. We had an old natural gas furnace and burned with a wood furnace attached to the main furnace. I burned a lot of wood and estimated that I burned about 65% wood and 35% gas. The only time I used gas was at night or if we were gone for an extended period of time.

Based on the above, with gas being a "supplemental" heat source, the savings are even more remarkable. The numbers speak for themselves and they are:

Calendar Year 2009 - $1,015 (Gas and Wood) Heating Degree Days - 9,099

Calendar Year 2011 - $1,018 (Gas Only) Heating Degree Days - 9,023

Thus, our heat bills have not increased at all! I am able to stop all of the extra work, the extra cost, and the extra mess with burning wood!

The extra benefits in addition to not having all the work and mess, is that the furnace is quiet and the heat is very even with no hot and cold cycles. We have not touched the thermostat ever, unless we leave for the weekend.

So, great job and thanks! Feel free to share this information with any prospective buyers.

Mike Sohasky